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A mixture of flavours

Tradition and modernity the perfect match to creat new flavours experiences. Discover our flavours designed in special for this market. The favorites lovers? Vanilla notes, lemon or butter are the favorites to flavour cookies or pastry products. Discover our product range!

Applicatons Format
  • Biscuits
  • Shortcrust pastry (Puff Pastry, Croissant)
  • Frozen Pastries
  • Fresh Pastry
  • Doughnuts
  • Different type of fillings
  • Covers
  • Bisque, Muffins and cakes
  • Liquid Flavour
  • Powder Flavour
  • Flavour in Paste
Top flavours for pastry

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    Increase the flavour of your senses

    Targeting and innovation is the key in this market. Kids target are the leanding role. Clasic flavours (cola, strawberry, lemon) make a mix with original flavours (blue tropic, marshmallow) where opulent colors and acid flavours are the result of flavours combinations.

    Applications Format
    • Jellies
    • Hard Candy
    • Soft Caramel
    • Lollipops
    • Clouds
    • Functional gummies
    • Flavour Paste
    • Spray-dried Flavour
    • Liquid Flavour
    Always on the way to surprise

    A big product range composed by flavours, emulsions, compounds, functional preparations and extracts are the selection for this market. Clasic flavours (coke, lime-lemon, orange) open mind to fruity flavours (strawberry, mango, tropic) Our added value? Flavours creation and production for each market, always inspired by the needs and customer drivers of each country.

    Applications Format
    • Juices
    • Smoothies
    • Energy drinks
    • Isotonic drink
    • Dairy & soy
    • Flavouresd waters
    • Functional drinks
    • Malt Extract
    • Flavours
    • Emulsions
    • Compounds
    • Functional Preparations
    • Extracts
    Top flavours for pastry

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      Refreshing Ideas

      Water base, fat base or dairy base? What kind of base do you need for your ice-creams? Discover our Best Seller Flavours for ice-cream: Clasic Flavours as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Or other exotic flavours like Matcha , Green tea or mango or the latest trend: Flavours inspired by consumer good, IGH creats Mix & Win Concept composed by flavours like Speculoos, Hazelnut Cocoa Cream Flavour or dulce de leche

      Applications Format
      • Ice-cream
      • Water Ice-cream
      • Soft Ice-cream
      • Frozen Cakes
      • Liquid Flavour
      • Powder Flavour
      • Flavour in Paste
      Sport Nutrition
      Flavouring Sport Nutrition

      Flavour main function is to mask and reduce the bitternes of some typical products of Sport Nutrition. Top Flavours are Chocolate, vanilla , strawberry. But there is a demand that consist in recreatre the flavours from consumer goods.

      Format Applications
      • Liquid flavour
      • Powder flavour
      • Maskings
      • Emulsions
      • Flavours and sweeteners
      • Gels
      • Proteins
      • Energetic Bars
      • BCAA
      • Gels
      • Energetic Drinks
      Top flavours for Sport nutrition

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        Health Nutrition

        The power of nature!

        Healthy products have incresed during the last years. And natural flavours use has grown in this market, the main reason is because for the CLEAN LABEL trend. In fact, people are worry for their health and the consumer drivers has changed

        Applications Products
        • Supplements
        • Drinks
        • Energy powders
        • Cookies
        • Chocolate
        • NaturaL Powder Flavour
        • Masking
        • Liquid Flavour
        • Emulsions
        • Flavour Paste
        Top flavours for Snacks

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          We enhance the flavor with salty aromas

          We adjust to the market and customer demand when it comes to flavoring all kinds of snacks, sauces or meat seasoning. The aromas are usually atomized although we also have both water-soluble and fat-soluble in liquid. The flavors of ham and peasant stand out in snacks, marinade and smoke in meats.

          • Snacks
          • Nuts
          • Meats
          • Flours
          • Chocolate
          • Sauces
          • Prepared meals
          • Preservers
          • Chesees

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