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Flavours manufacturer IGH introduces it news factory.

flavours factory

The flavour manufacturer IGH continues to grow with a new factory and increasing our team of specialists. IGH, as a leading manufacturer of flavours and food products, meets the needs of the food sector, from analysing the project to achieving the defined objectives.

Company with more than 60 years of existence has achieved one of the most remarkable milestones during this end of 2019 and 2020, our change of facilities, originally in Alcantarilla, Murcia to the new location in Alhama de Murcia. These facilities of 15000 m2 reinforce the IGH group in a key position of the food industry at national and international level

Fábrica aromas IGH

They complement perfectly with our facilities of the rest of the IGH group, in Barcelona with Expafruit, our headquarters IGH Colombia, IGH Aroma Gida in Turkey and remains of commercial offices around the globe. You can check here our locations.

The flavouring manufacturer’s new facilities meet all legal and food safety requirements. Thanks to this important step forward we have been able to optimise the processes, increasing the production and storage capacity, thus managing to offer a better service to our national and international customers.

All the food products manufactured in our facilities have maintained the same quality and consumer safety. All this thanks to the maintenance of our approved suppliers and the efforts made by our team, which is responsible for ensuring the correct management and operation of methods and processes.

flavours factory

For the start-up of the factory, a review was carried out by the health authorities, as well as a previous audit of the facilities in order to guarantee that everything was in accordance with the requirements established by the food quality standards. And finally in the third quarter a certification audit was carried out by which our factory has been accredited in BRCGS and IFS.

The production lines have not stopped working at any time. Both our production line of flavours and the rest of the products for the Industrial and HoReCa

New laboratories for R+D+i

One of the departments where our company invests most is in R+D+i with the idea of always remaining in the trend and being proactive in the industry. We have laboratories in each of the group’s companies to provide the best and quickest response.

flavours factory lab

In the new laboratories we have taken into account not only to extend them, but to differentiate the different areas for the different ranges of products, as well as to have our area of applications, seeking not only to develop the necessary product but to see that the application of this one is the correct one and looked for.

fabrica de aromas maquina laboratorio

In addition to our aromas, we provide a more global response, developing and manufacturing sweet and savoury sauces, syrups, filling and coating creams, gelatines, syrups, concentrated bases and soft ice cream bases.

In our facilities we have the capacity to create all types of preparations whether they are based on fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds or chocolates and flavours from sweet to savoury. Finally, we have the technology for liquid packaging in pouches with the possibility of adding fruit pieces and cereals.

One flavours manufacturer, many from sectors.

A new factory needs to have extensive equipment and laboratories for both R&D and Quality, specialized, so we can cover many projects at the same time. We adapt to customer demand and try to anticipate trends in the food industry.

flavours factory

With our portfolio of products we work in the sectors of beverages, ice cream, dairy, sports nutrition, dietetics, pastry, confectionery and we have specialized in recent years in salted products to cover the sectors of snacks, prepared foods, meat, canned food and all those that the project involves


flavours factory

In the new factory we have separated rooms and optimised these for the production process. We create and manufacture flavours in various formats, whether liquid, paste, powder, atomised or sweet and salty. We manufacture emulsions, extracts and compounds. We have invested in different lines and machinery for the different processes.

We have built a factory with logical centralised facilities. Pipes, tanks, wiring, heating and cooling systems seeking the highest possible efficiency, so we produce with a higher capacity and greater control.

flavour factory
flavour factory

Food Service

Of course we have our optimised manufacturing areas for sauces, syrups, decoration and filling creams, gelatines, syrups, concentrated bases for slush or cocktails and soft ice cream bases for the retail and HoReCa channel. New of raw material maintenance tanks, new circuits, new reactors…

The warehouse of a flavours manufacturer and food products

The goods receiving system is the storage centre and the preparations of the orders should avoid as much as possible any incidents. Our warehouse management allows us to choose the best order for collecting materials and dispatching orders according to the criteria chosen and the location.

Because the solution shows instantly where the goods are located, it is not necessary that everything is in the same place. This saves space and storage time. Stock is also kept under control and order picking time is reduced.

fabrica de aromas almacen

Thanks to the flat design of the warehouse or layout, we have managed to make the most of the space we have available: heights, widths, columns, surface area… A fundamental step in avoiding bottlenecks and drawing up routes that allow us to work more quickly.

The plan determines the areas for loading and unloading, reception, storage, order preparation and dispatch. Our warehouse team has years of experience, is trained and has all the knowledge needed to carry out its work. This specialisation increases efficiency and avoids possible waste. We regularly carry out evaluations to observe how the operation is evolving both in the offices, the factory and in the warehouse to be aware of new needs that our facilities may require.

The bright future of our flavour factory

The new facilities also have an boardroom, many meeting rooms and a beautiful terrace for events. All available to all personnel when not teleworking in this new “normal”. In addition to this, we have significantly increased the size of both offices, factory and warehouse compared to our previous facilities.

We are looking forward to the day when the pandemic ends so that we can welcome anyone who wants to see our facilities. It will be a pleasure to personally present the operations and factory to our clients where new products and creations start.

As a manufacturer of flavorings and food products, we hope to host open days in our factory for our extended families, those of workers, customers, universities and schools.

IGH factoría aromas

For further information, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]