IGH at FI Europe 2017

Last November IGH exhibited at Food Ingredients Europe 2017. In this edition IGH share the stand with its mother company Disproquima

In the following lines you can discover IGH last flavour hits!

Flavouring Sport Nutrition & Health Nutrition is a must: Flavouring Sport Nutrition and Healthy Nutrition is the focus area of our last launches.

In this Food Ingredients Europe 2017,  IGH Flavours & Technology has launched a new product range specialized in Flavours For Sport Nutrition.

If you are looking for Flavour for Proteins, Flavours for BCAA’s  or Flavours for Instant Drinks  IGH Flavours is the correct answer.

The importance of choosing the correct flavour according to the final application:

Flavouring proteins is  one of our challenges! IGH ‘s R&D have created a new range of Flavours for Proteins that  give its own “DNA” to your brand!

Moreover, BCAA’s bitter taste is another of IGH’s Goals. Finally we have launched a specific range of flavours to mask bitter notes. Using our flavours together with our masking product is the key of the success!

Igh bets on INSTANT DRINK as a Final Product.

The real IGH challenge for this year it has been the Instant Drink development. Our R&D team have created an Instant Drink composed by Flavour,  sweeteners and vitamins. It’s the first time that the flavours house produce a final product ready to sale to FMCG Channels. At the moment the available flavours are: Kiwi , Natural Lemon and Energy.

The Perfect Marriage

FlavoCoffee , the well-known 3 in 1 instant coffee premix with a twist of FLAVOUR

IGH comes up with a selection of FLAVOURS FOR COFFEE!  A sweet and creamy balanced taste between the bitterness of the coffee, the harmony of the cream and the great experience of a pastry touch notes at the end.

7 Flavours 7 experiences                                                   

Once again from the most conservative Chocolate, Hazelnut, Chcocolate-Hazelnut Flavours to the most risky porposals as Cheesecake or Lemon-Cinnamon Flavours.


Everybody knows IGH as a Critics expert!  Nowadays, market trends show us that milennials choose bitter and sour flavours more than the sweet ones.  Due to this reason, new developments are focused on CITRIC notes.