Igh at VitaFoods Europe 2018

Last May our company lauches its new product range of Natural Flavours for Functional Drinks at VitaFoods Europe 2018

When Protein meets Natural Flavours  VS  When Natural Flavours meet Health

Nowadays, food trends are focused on FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS. In many cases, those drivers are “healthy ingredients” which bring specific benefits for human well-being.

CLEAN LABLE seems to be a new mandatory rule for many manufacturing companies all around the world. This reality becomes a challenge for Flavour House since our aim is to provide flavouring solutions to our customer needs.

Therefore, the opportunity comes true from the well-known unpleasant aftertaste provided by the already mentioned healthy ingredients.  Bitterness, sourness, even just weird taste for some palates or markets are not easy to control.

Our goal as a FLAVOUR HOUSE is to help our customer on their product formulations hiding the bad notes and turning it into the desired taste through ours masking agents and Natural Flavours.


IGH CHALLENGE & CONCERN – When Natural Flavours meet health:

IGH is proud to LAUNCH at VITAFOODS 2018 Edition its NATURAL FLAVOURS applied on mix proteins and collagen instant beverages, as well as a Functional Ready to Drink proposal.


Fat Burns. The Success of Flavour mixing?

IGH latest development is a pleasant flavoured FUNTIONAL DRINK with L-carnitine made by a daring combination of NATURAL FLAVOURS. Apparently facing but one mixed and applied the result is unbelievable. Fruity and Spicy becomes the perfect marriage and it is when, The Art meets Flavours!