Spreading Range of Flavours in South Asia

Last September IGH Team has moved to join Food Ingredients Asia Bangkok 2017 (Thailand).

It has been the second edition that the Flavours House performs on the international trade show and it has concluded with big success.  IGH managment is proud of the attendee’s response since they believe South Asia is really “a powerful Market” and grows faster than others, opening doors to new Flavours profiles and applications.

At the Show IGH has launched three new recommendations providing inspiration to manufacturers on how to use IGH Flavours according its sector:

Natural Bless                                                                                                                

Following the current market trends, IGH launches its new Range of Natural Flavours through the showcase of Functional Jellies for Seniors & Kids. From the traditional fruity flavours as Apples, Bananas, Pineapples, Lychees, Guavas… to the fanciest developments as Macha tea or Mashmallow flavours.

Beverage solutions for everyone

Carbonated or flat, Sugar or sweeteners, Transparent or Cloudy, Functional or just for fun … many questions to give answer before launching a new drink. No matter what, IGH flavours them all. At FIA 2017 the bet has been for Herbal drinks (with tea extract) but flavoured with notes of Honey Lemon, Lychee, and Cantaloupe Melon highlighting them among the others.  Of course they hadn’t forget about the traditional energy drinks or colas.

The Perfect Marriage

FlavoCoffee , the well-known 3 in 1 instant coffee premix with a twist of FLAVOUR

IGH comes up with a selection of PASTRY FLAVOURS!  A sweet and creamy balanced taste between the bitterness of the coffee, the harmony of the cream and the great experience of a pastry touch notes at the end.

7 Flavours 7 experiences

Once again from the most conservative Chocolate, Hazelnut, Chcocolate-Hazelnut Flavours to the most risky porposals as Cheesecake or Lemon-Cinnamon Flavours.