IGH goes to FI ASIA 2018

According to the  brand expansion over South Est Asia , next October Igh Flavours & Technology  will exhibit  at FOOD INGREDIENTS ASIA 2018 

FI ASIA celebrates 2018 edition in Jakarta (Indonesia) during October 3 , 4 and 5, concretely in Jakarta International Expo.

According to the latest Market Trends and looking into SEA Customer Drivers , IGH will launch Bouquet of Flavours Concept . Bouquet of Flavours is inspired by  Floral Flavours  composed by Violet , Roses , Chrysanthemum , Jazmin , Lavender , SunFlowers , Sakura Flower… IGH will Playing with these Floral Flavours , creating new beverages , ice- creams , yogurts and pastries with floral tastes. Let’s Play with Flowers                                                                                                                                         

The reason why of this launch is to response into the Millennials and Gen Z demand. So in fact ,  Indulgent Flavours becomes the “King” because beyond indulgent born the experience, and new generations wants to live an experience every time.

Formulating clear oil in water base applications can be one of the most challenging areas in flavouring science. Hereby IGH presents its CITRIC and SPICY series of CLEAR EMULSIONS SERIE

Following the transparent trend concept, its main benefits could be sumarized as:

  • Transparent and soluble essential oils
  • Stable in beverage applications
  • Deep mouth feeling and stronger top note impact
  • Rounded and complete Flavour profile. Able to soak up both pulp and peel fruit.
  • Suitable for carbonated, non-carbonated and even funtional drinks.

If you are interested in discover our last launches don’t miss to visit us at FI ASIA 2018. If you would like to receive free invitations , send an e-mail at [email protected]

FI ASIA 2018

Where? Jakarta International Expo

Days: October 3-5 2018