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With a market value of around 600 million euros per year, confectionery is growing progressively thanks to the increase in consumption by families and motivated by the constant launch of new products, with new flavours, packaging and a healthier orientation.

Innovation and knowledge of the different targets are key in this segment, where children also play a leading role. Classic flavours (cola, strawberry, lemon) are mixed with more original, fantastic flavours (blue tropic, cloud) where acidic flavours and bright colours give rise to multiple flavour combinations.

As experts in spicing up life, we know that one of the challenges in confectionery is to surprise. IGH innovates and offers quality flavours, coatings and fillings for your new hard candy, compressed candy, gummy, bubble gum or candy bar success.


We have a range of solutions specially designed and manufactured for each application in the confectionery market based on specific needs, tastes and consumption habits.

  • Hard, soft and lozenge candies
  • Jelly beans
  • Chewing gums
  • Chocolates


  • Flavours:

If we talk about candies and gummies, the most popular flavours are going to be fruity, orange, lemon, strawberry, apple, red fruits … followed by menthol. But we don’t just create trendy flavours, we also look at the claims that go along with them.

Thus we have the ability to enhance the sweetness for sugar-free products, offer natural, vegan and organic flavours in accordance with cleaner labeling or offer Halal and Kosher certified solutions if necessary.

  • Fillings and toppings:

We manufacture water-based or fat-based, covering a wide range of textures and flavours made to measure. Flavoured fillings for gum and fruit candies

Fillings for chocolates with mint creams, chocolate, coffee, egg yolk…

  • Functional powder mix:

We have flavours linked to stimulating, relaxing and immune-boosting functions such as energy, green tea and turmeric respectively.

In addition, in this sense, we can offer the mixture together with functional ingredients (extracts, caffeine, vitamins, etc.) for compressed candies.


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