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Food Service

What we do?

At IGH we are gastronomic suppliers and our main objectives are to listen and observe the needs of our clients. And, of course, we also think about the end consumer. It is essential to know what the market is demanding and to be the first to satisfy those demands thanks to our products. This is why we invest a lot of resources in analysing everything that is in demand and making our wide range of food service products available to consumers.

How do we achieve this?

We have a specialised R&D&I department in charge of finding new concepts for this sector. In addition, we work with the most important companies that analyse global trends in order to present new options and thus offer the greatest possible variety of flavours to our customers and end consumers.

Which are our products?

Focusing on our products… what are the products we make available to you? Here is our range for the food service sector:

-Sauces and syrups (products that can also be customised with the image of our customer’s brand). 

-Liquid flavours

-Flavours in paste

-Pastry glosses

-Filling and decoration creams

-Cheese “Semifreddo” (Cheesecake powder)

-“Gomices”(powdered soft ice cream mix)


Who are they for?

Our range of flavours and products is really wide. This is in line with our aim to satisfy every customer’s preferences, as it is practically impossible to find two customers alike. In fact, our range of applications is designed for the HoReCa channel, for retail, as well as for the industrial/craft bakery or ice cream parlour. Without forgetting, of course, the specific needs of each customer in order to choose the product format that best suits them.

Option for private label

In addition to the diversity of flavours and products, another of the great advantages we offer for the food service sector is the option of offering products from the private label family, i.e. our own brand. This option is for those who prefer to market products in a personalised manner and with their own image. We comply with strict quality standards (BRCGS, IFS) that guarantee the food safety essential for finished products.

Are you looking for any specific flavour?

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