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Wide range of products for Food Service always at your fingertips

At IGH Flavours & Technology we are Horeca suppliers and we love to listen and observe the needs of our customers and also the end consumer. Knowing what the market is demanding and being the first to meet those demands with our products and services. It is for this reason that we invest a lot of resources in analysing what is in demand and making our wide range of food service products available to consumers.

In fact, we have a specific R+D+i department in charge of looking for new concepts for the food service sector; although not exclusively for this one. In addition, we work with the most important market research companies to present new trends and thus offer the widest possible variety of products. We love the traditional, like everyone else, but we also experiment with innovative flavours and original new product applications.

Now, speaking of products, what are the products we make available to you? Here is our range of food service products, detailing in each case how each of the applications is distributed:

  • Liquid flavours: one-litre bottles in boxes of six units.
  • Paste flavours:one-litre bottles in boxes of six units.
  • Powdered flavours: boxes of 15 kilos each.
  • Pastry gels: both in 23 kg buckets and in boxes of four units of five kilos.
  • Filling and decorating creams: available in boxes of four units of five kilos each.
  • Cheese semifreddo:Boxes of ten bags of one kilo each.
  • Gummies: boxes of five buckets of two kilos each.
  • Slushies: boxes of six units of one litre each.
  • Sauces / toppings: available in jars of 1.2 kg in boxes of six units. For this application, they can be packed individually in pouchesof one kilo each.
Food service flavour supplier

As you can see, the range of products on offer is truly extensive. This is in line with our aim to satisfy the preferences of every type of customer. No two customers will ever be the same. In fact, our range of applications is designed for the HoReCa channel, for retail, as well as for the patisserie or industrial ice cream parlour. All of this, logically, focused on the specific needs of the customer when choosing the product format that he/she most needs.

On the other hand, apart from the diversity of aromas and products, another of the great advantages that we offer at IGH Flavours in food service is that we can make private label, that is, our own brand. This is for the retail channel that prefers to market products under a different name. We are flavour suppliers who think only and exclusively about your preferences. We also have all the necessary certifications so that you can place your trust in us.

In our food service food service website you will find much more information about the aromas, products and applications that we offer you. If you still don’t know everything we do and you want to know all the solutions we offer, you can consult our website. Remember that you can also contact us by filling out this form and sending us all your questions, we will be happy to help you and offer together the best products to the consumer!

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