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IGH Flavours & Technology has been a manufacturer of food flavours since 1957.

You will know that the vast majority of the processed foods we eat every day contain flavours.

Throughout the day, millions of people around the world, the first thing they do when they wake up is brush their teeth with refreshing, minty or fruity (for children) flavoured toothpaste. Then we eat yoghurt with different flavours for breakfast, biscuits, muffins, chocolate or strawberry milkshakes, or eggs with cooked ham, cold cuts, cheeses and a whole range of other foods containing “pleasant flavours”

But what is a flavour?

We could define it as a complex mixture of raw materials and semi-processed products of natural or synthetic origin, which provide a characteristic flavour and smell.

The components of a flavour are often in the hundreds and provide specific organoleptic characteristics. More than 6,000 known molecules are those that make up almost all the flavours that are applied in food.

Why are flavours used?

  • Mask unpleasant taste.
  • It allows the use of more varied raw materials.
  • Enhance flavours after heat treatment.
  • Batch standardization.
  • Diversify the manufacturer’s references.
  • They offer added value to the product.

Families of flavours.

We can differentiate different families of flavours according to:


Liquids: fluids, pasty, water-soluble and fat-soluble. Can be supported in water, propylene glycol, triacetin, alcohol, vegetable oil among others.

Solid or powder: absorbed or atomized. Can be supported in salt, sugars, flours, starches among others.




Natural flavours.

Natural flavours of…

FTNF flavours

Organic flavours

Suitable flavours for vegan products




Sweet flavours:

Fruity flavours
Nut flavours
Herb flavours
Floral flavours
Toasted flavours

Coffee flavours
Chocolates flavours
Citrus flavours
Dairy flavours

Savoury flavours:

Cheese flavours
Vegetables flavours
Meat flavours
Mushrooms flavours

Seafood flavours
Smoke flavours
Spicy flavours
Ethnic flavours

Some of our flavours:

Segments where our flavours can be applied

Packaging of our flavours:

IBC containers 1000 liters

Pressurizable containers 400 – 950kg

Jugs 5 – 25 liters

Box ≈ 15 kilos

Bottles of liter in boxes of 6 units