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This is a mature market where currently some 215 million tonnes are consumed globally (oils, fats, margarines and derivatives). In Spain, slightly less than 1.2 million tonnes are demanded, which means a per capita consumption of over 25 kg per year.

By type of oils and fats, the distribution of olive oil accounts for some 537,000 tonnes, almost half of the overall volume, and of this, 347,000 tonnes are consumed by households, while the food industry demands some 190,000 tonnes. In this sense, the margarine segment accounts for a volume of approximately 28,000 tonnes per year.

The appearance of flavoured oils and margarines is constant, at IGH we have liposoluble flavours such as truffle, ham or oregano among others to flavour your oil, margarine or related products.


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  • Flavours for fatty products, oils or margarines. To flavour these products, due to their nature and composition, the flavours have to be fat-soluble. With fat-soluble flavours, the correct and homogeneous mixture between product and flavours is produced that results in the desired taste. At IGH we design and manufacture fat-soluble flavours for any product.

    On the other hand, at IGH we have developed flavours whose function is to imitate the sensation in the mouth of the fat itself in order to reduce or completely eliminate this ingredient in the final formulation without damaging its taste and at the same time reducing the cost of the ingredients and calories. Flavours of the oil or butter that provide an intense flavour and a pleasant sensation in the mouth to dairy, bakery and pastry, salty, snack or drinks products.


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