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The bakery and pastry markets are thriving and growing, with more than 11 million tonnes of pastries consumed each year worldwide.

With more and more companies and product variety in this sector, it is a challenge to personalise brands with one goal in mind: to build loyalty with consumers who are looking for a unique sensory experience and who are increasingly paying attention to nutritional value and possible healthy added values.

As experts in the creation of sweet flavours since 1957, we have numerous flavour profiles to achieve the best results in any sweet application. We also adapt to consumer trends in the sector by applying our solutions to free from (palm oil, lactose, gluten), vegan and organic products.

What we do

At IGH we focus on researching trends in flavours for the confectionery industry to ensure that the customer enjoys the flavours of the moment. We combine tradition and modernity to offer the best results to the customer.


We have a range of solutions specially designed and manufactured for each application in the pastry and bakery market based on specific needs, tastes and consumption habits.

• Biscuits or cookies
• Broken masses
• Bread, loaf, toasted bread and breadsticks
• Sponge cakes, muffins and cakes
• Fresh and deep-frozen pastries
• Fillings and creams
• Coverages and glitters or glazes


  • Flavours in liquid, powder and paste format. Custom-designed to have the solubility (water soluble, lipsoluble), doses and profiles required by the costumer.
  • We offer glitters, pipping gel or mirror glaze in both cold and hot applicated, and neutral or with apple flavour.
  • Coatings and fillings. Whether with flavours of dark chocolate, chocolate and hazelnuts, caramel, biscuit, mocha, lemon, strawberry, coffee flavours among others.
  • Fruit preparations, flavoured with strawberries, blueberries, berries and apricot among others. Custom made for both fresh or frozen products and with the possibility of adding nuts or cereals if desired.
  • Powdered preparations for reconstitution. Cheesecake, vanilla cake, or brownie being some of the most poopular.
cookie flavour
bakery fruit prep

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