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Flavours for sports and dietary nutrition.

Studies indicate that the size of the global sports nutrition market will exceed $50 billion this decade. Growing awareness of the importance of healthy diet and nutrition among consumers is driving the growth of this market. Not only athletes but also more and more people who are less demanding and aware of the benefits of fitness are striving to meet their nutritional needs along with their routine physical activities.

At IGH, we have been specialising in the sector for decades and our main objective is to give a good taste and to mask, cover up aftertaste and reduce bitterness. Our solutions include flavours and masking agents, but we also offer emulsions for sports drinks or sauces and light or “zero” syrups. The most significant flavours remain chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, although there are variations depending on segment applications.

sport solutions


We have a range of solutions designed and manufactured especially for each application in the sports and dietetic nutrition market based on specific needs, tastes and consumption habits.

  • Proteins
  • Energetic bars
  • BCAA
  • Gels
  • Energetic and isotonic drinks
  • Oatmeals
  • Capsules



Whether in liquid or powder format, we have both natural options, as with vegan alternatives.

We highlight our masking flavour, specific for the sports nutrition sector. It modulates the generally bitter taste of proteins and there is option for natural label.

One of the latest innovations is the Energy Natural flavour, intended for energy drinks and zero drinks or for powder proteins with our cakes flavours:

cake flavours


For isotonic, energy and functional drinks in general. 

Among its advantages, emulsions provide flavour, cloudiness and colour to the drinks with which it is mixed.



As in the case of emulsions, these mixtures are also intended for beverages. There is a wide variety
of mixtures:

  • Mix of Flavours + Vitamins + Guarana + Ginseng + Caffeine.
  • Mix of Flavours + Sweetener + BCCA’s.
  • Mix of Flavours + Boost immunity (vitamin D, vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and selenium).


We manufacture gels of different flavours that can be consumed as final products during physical activity.

Orange, lemon, coke, strawberry, citrus or neutral flavours or our cocktails flavours:

cocktail flavours


We manufacture chocolate, caramel or hazelnut chocolate creams. we can formulate creams with high protein, very popular in the industry.


They are low-calorie alternatives (sugars). Among the flavours of light syrups, those of chocolate, caramel and strawberry stand out with fewer calories. In addition, we have developed chocolate and barbecue sauces without calories.

However, we can develop an infinite number of flavours. We love being innovative and experimenting with flavours.

Flavour trends in sport nutrition

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