powder preparations

Powder and functional preparations for:

We formulate our solutions based on the client’s needs. Thanks to our experience in the manufacture of flavours, we are able to add an infinite variety of flavours to our powder and functional preparations.

Powdered preparations are powdered additive preparations that are applied in many intermediate products or processed foods globally due to their advantages related to lower weight; ease of storage and transport as well as application. They can allow for a variety of uses and offer superior stability. On the other hand, powdered preparations offer a lower moisture content, which reduces the risk of quality degradation.

The composition of powdered preparations requires appropriate flexibility, adjusted to the possible use in the final product. Thanks to our flavourists and food technologists, we are able to offer powder solutions for every segment of the food industry.

Our powder preparations are of consistent quality based on well-established processes that ensure that our customers always receive them without alterations in their composition and organoleptic profiles.

Typology of preparations:

Powdered preparations can be used in a wide range of segments, from the ice cream industry with preparations for the production of soft options to the confectionery industry with powdered preparations for the production of cakes or sponge cakes.

Our gastronomes and food technologists define the final formula of our powdered mixes. They search for and define the right ingredients to obtain the optimum performance, taste, colour and texture for the powdered mix.

As with our compounds, we can add functional ingredients to our powder preparations; these blends are widely used in the beverage segment and offer a decisive added value:

Fat burning mix, with BCAA’s, glutamine, arginine, creatine, carnitine.

Mix for sports nutrition, with green tea extract, guarana extract, ginseng extract and B vitamins.

Mineral drink mix with sodium chloride, potassium phosphate, sodium citrate, zinc, selenium.

Energy mix with taurine, caffeine, B vitamins and inositol.

Immunological mix with vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D.

Relaxing mix with camomile, lime blossom, lemon verbena, passionflower.

If you are looking for a solution in powdered preparations, please contact us and we will support you to facilitate the development of your project or need, designing the preparation and flavour that fully satisfy your requirements and those of your customers. Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to act quickly when you need us to and produce a proposal that is guaranteed to be a success.

Applications of powder and functional preparations to different sectors:

Packaging of our powder and functional preparations:

Box ≈ 15 kilos


Buckets 2-25 kg