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Private label sauces and toppings

How we work?

All of our solutions can be manufactured for private label. In fact, We have been doing it in our 65 years of experience manufacturing successful products, with great taste, quality and always betting on the safety and health of the customer.

Collaborations are essential

Throughout our history we have collaborated with the main retail, food service and industrial chains throughout the country and internationally to manufacture private label products, with the aim of continuing to enhance and grow their brand with their consumers. Our current mission is to go beyond expectations to deliver high-quality products that result in a long-lasting partnership with our customers.

What do we offer to the sector?

Our current offering of products and pack sizes is available for private label opportunities for retail, foodservice, hospitality, retail and industrial brands. To maintain efficiency, our factories are equipped to handle high-volume production runs and a wide variety of container sizes. Additionally, our minimum order requirements vary based on product selection. You don’t have to worry about it at all, we’ll take care of it.

We adapt to all types of clients

In addition to the private label, IGH Flavours & Technology and Expafruit offer co-packing services for personalized products in bottles and pouches with a variety of caps and material and design customizations.

At IGH we are suppliers of flavours, and we know that the needs of our customers are not the same. It is precisely for this reason that we adapt the characteristics and design the products to suit the desired requirements. We manufacture flavours, syrups, sauces, creams, toppings, fillings, concentrated drinks, fruit and powder preparations adapted to the needs and requirements of each type of client.

Commitment to quality and legislation

Our commitment to quality is backed by leading IFS, BRC food certifications and we can manufacture Halal, Kosher, UTZ and organic certified products. In addition, our extensive experience in new markets allows us to offer products adapted to the consumer’s tastes and the current legislation in each country.

Possibility of Co-Packing

If you need to outsource your production, either because you want to expand your product portfolio or because you lack the infrastructure to carry out what fits with your business vision, we offer you the possibility of undertaking a Co-Packing project together. With our Co-Packer service we can pack in bottles, bag-in-boxes, pouches, buckets and many more applications.

Tell us your idea and we will support you to find quick solutions. For this, or for any other questions you may have about our services or range of products, you can contact us by filling out the form below.

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