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Flavours for snacks

The snack market is growing and becoming more and more relevant, and it is also known from studies that its consumption has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Innovation is a fundamental aspect in the consumption of snacks and aperitif products, consumers enjoy trying the novelties that this sector launches on the market. Flavour is decisive in this regard and that is why IGH studies trends and innovates to surprise with unique and surprising flavours.

What do we do?

We invest a significant amount of resources in Research and Development, studying what are the market trends and the needs of the public. We experiment with flavours to satisfy even the most demanding customer, and our R&D department works directly with them to find exact solutions to what they need.


We offer a range of solutions designed and manufactured especially for each application in the snack market based on specific needs, tastes and consumption habits.

  • Extruded ( balls, wheels)
  • Crips
  • Corn triangles
  • Crackers
  • Popcorn
  • Nuts


  • Powder flavours:

We manufacture powdered flavours for the world of snacks, we provide colour and flavours from the most classic such as ham to the most innovative such as sweet and sour sauce.

We can design any flavour for crips, corn triangles, crackers or pretzels, popcorn, nuts and extrudates such as hooks, balls or wheels.

We offer smoke flavours, wichs works as flavour enhancers by adding smoky and grilled notes to meat flavours such as beef, bacon, ham and others such as chili, cheese, truffle or pepper.

Natural and vegan flavours to adapt to the product, we offer natural flavours such as natural vinegar and vegan flavours of beef, chicken or ham. A very interesting alternative for those who follow a vegan diet without giving up its taste.

Other flavours such as chili, peasant, truffle, beef, chicken, cheese-onion, ketchup, vinegar, corn, Parmesan cheese, pepper, aioli, barbeue and garlic-parsley.


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