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Flavours for dairy and ice cream

The dairy sector is a market where flavour is a key part. Without flavours, popular products such as flavoured yoghurts or milkshakes would not exist. The power of flavour is key in this segment, as it manages to enhance the creamy notes of milk and offer a different and personalised flavour to the product. 

It is also key in ice cream, where the undisputed classics, despite the passage of time, are still chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It is true that there is an increasing trend towards more exotic flavours such as matcha, green tea or mango.

In addition to flavours, we offer other intermediate solutions such as sauces, syrups, fruit preparations or soft ice cream preparations.

dairy solutions


  • Yogurts
  • Custard
  • Milkshakes
  • Cheese
  • Cream, water and soft ice creams
  • Vegan alternatives


  • Flavours

In the dairy sector, such is the variety that the type and dosage of flavour can vary according to the specific application. For desserts such as yoghurts, sweet flavours in liquid format will continue to predominate; in ice cream, a paste format could be used. Savoury and powdered flavours would be more common in cheeses. On the other hand, we are developing flavours in line with trends towards healthier, more environmentally responsible food and clean labelling with natural, vegetarian or organic flavours.

  • Fruit or vegetable preparations:

More and more often we find natural fruit in yoghurts, smoothies and ice creams. Either totally crushed or in pieces. Our company Expafruit has extensive experience in the use of fruit preparations in any application, but mainly in the dairy world with yoghurts and ice creams. Fruit preparations can also include nuts or cereals. Tailor-made preparations are developed according to customer requirements which could be sugar reduction, clean label, organic preparations or together with other functional ingredients.

  • Sauces, toppings, creams and syrups:

Mainly for the ice cream parlor segment, where sauces, toppings and creams are designed to form part of the marbling of ice creams in tub or individual size, cone or stick. We have a lot of experience creating fruity and brown flavours, salted caramel being one of the most popular these days. We can also make custom made with light sauces, based on fat or with UTZ cocoa that certifies sustainable agriculture.


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