Emulsiones, compounds y bases concentradas

Emulsions, compounds and concentrated drinks for:


These are liquid additive preparations, in the form of a water-based oil/aroma dispersion. They allow the use of flavours that, by means of stabilisers and high technology, give the beverage a natural juice appearance, taste and feel with cloudiness and colour. They allow the incorporation of fat-soluble components in water-based applications.

Types of emulsions:
  • Neutral without color and flavour
  • With natural flavour and colour


It is a food preparation that provides the customer with a blend of additives (colourings, sweeteners, acidulants, etc.), juices and customised flavours. Beverage compounds are the basis for the production of soft drinks; at IGH Flavours & Technology we design, manufacture and make them available to the bottler as a ready-to-use “ingredient pack”.



Customised compounds for each customer


We always work according to the technical possibilities and specific needs of each customer. Some beverage manufacturers require an all-in-one compound that only needs to be diluted with water, others produce their own sugar base, so the compound will contain all components except sugar. Thanks to the experience of our beverage technologists, a suitable compound with the right dosage can be developed for each product and each specific application.


Despite the enormous variety in the beverage segment, the basic components of a compound can be reduced to four essential components: sweetness, colour, acidity and flavour.


In addition to these four basic components in a beverage we can also add “functional components” that provide a specific added effect or value to the beverage.


Adding vitamins and minerals that can support the normal metabolic functions of consumers in everyday life. Caffeine or extracts, such as guarana, yerba mate or cold brew coffee extracts can provide energy. Added fibre or prebiotics such as oligofructose (inulin) can also enrich functional beverages. We have specific recipes with functional components for energy, fat burning, immune, mineralised or even nutricosmetic drinks.

Concentrated drinks and syrups

At IGH Flavours & Technology we manufacture concentrated drinks ready to be diluted in water or milk in proportions (1+4, 1+5 or according to customer requirements) and consumed without any other treatment or ingredient and easily obtain refreshing drinks or slush. 

We also offer syrups, which are preparations with or without sugar that add flavour and colour to drinks, thus giving the perfect touch of flavour to coffees, milkshakes and cocktails. We can pack in retail and food service sizes.

A considerable advantage of concentrated beverages is that they reduce costs and also benefit the environmental impact. Food is concentrated to increase shelf life and increase value but also to reduce operating costs related to volume and space.


At IGH Flavours & Technology we also manufacture functional gels that are very popular in the sports nutrition market. We have gels in different flavours that can be consumed before, during or after physical activity, depending on their composition. Available in industrial and pouch format.

Applications to different sectors:

Containers of our emulsions, compounds and concentrated bases:

IBC / GRG containers 1000 liters


Drums 220 liter


Bag in box 10-20 liters

Bottle of liter in boxes of 6 units