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Flavours for meats and preserves

The meat, fish and derivatives industries is one of the market that currently has the greatest projection. Manufacturers’ needs are more and more varied, tastes more and more personified and constant innovations are realized every month. At IGH Flavours & Technology we are flavour manufacturers capable of finding the perfect quality solution that satisfies and enchants the most exquisite palate.

How do we do it?

We have our own Research + Development + innovation department. It is precisely here where we join forces to improve and innovate in flavours, always being aware of the latest market trends. It is important to inspire the end consumer, and that is possible only and exclusively if we offer them the highest quality products.


  • Fresh meats
  • Cured meats
  • Cooked meats
  • Smoked meats 
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Preserves and derivatives
  • Vegan alternatives


  • Flavours:

We offer liquid and powder profiles to flavour all kinds of meats, whether they are cured, cooked and fresh, as well as fish, brine and canned sauces. We know those market trends that affect flavour, for this reason we have developed alternatives that are increasingly demanded by users seeking a healthier diet.

We offer flavours solutions capable of replacing salt or monosodium glutamate without modifying its taste. Other flavours such as chóped flavours, BBQ meat, oriental meat, pork, chicken, chili, top note veal, adobo, ham, salmon, anchovy, tuna, surimi, herring, seafood, oregano, dill, black pepper, spearmint, curry, basil, tomato, chives, mushrooms, black olive, natural garlic, cheese, olive oil and natural smoke.

  • Sauces:

Our R&D is able to develop sauces and dressings that combine perfectly with your product. We can make fat-based sauces, light sauces and powdered dressings including functional quality solutions with reduced salt, vitamins or minerals.


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