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IGH Flavours & Technology since 1957. At IGH Flavours we create and produce flavours, emulsions, compounds and extracts for sweet and beverage industries. We develop new product concepts according to market needs, consumer drivers and the latest trends of the market.

Welcome to the FLAVOURS FACTORY! At IGH FoodService, we create and produce sauces, toppings, decoration creams, filling creams, jellies, concentrated bases and soft ice-cream bases for retail and food service channel.

IGH Flavours & Technology

At IGH Flavours, we want to flavour your fancy ideas

At IGH we create and produce flavours for food industry. We offer flavours for the sweet segments: Pastry, Confectionery, Ice-Cream, Sport Nutrition and Health Nutrition. We design product concepts and functional solutions for Beverage market.

At IGH Foodservice, we want to topping your fancy ideas

We create and produce products for Pastry & Ice-Cream Industrial Channel, for FoodServices, retail in Private Label and own brand.
To find the Right Channel will depends on the format. Sauces and creams are our best sellers in these markets!.

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Concentrated bases for slush & milk shake
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Inspiring ideas for real life is the base of our DNA and describes our commitment perfectly.

We have a challenge for this year! IGH has changed and we would like to invite you to discover the new IGH’S boat. #wearedreamers and we want to play big with you! The moment has arrived. We want to share with you the new IGH essence. In fact , We want to grow up with you.
Are you ready? Welcome on board!

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