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Preparados de frutas

Fruit preparations for:

As a result of the incorporation of Expafruit in IGH group we expanded and specialized our business line in fruit preparations and sauces.

Expafruit has modern industrial equipment for the production of fruit, vegetable and cereal preparations. We have an R&D department and a professional team with years of experience in the transformation and preparation of fruit for the food industry. Our preparations are mainly applied in the ice cream, dairy and pastry segments.

We take care of the entire value chain process: from the supply of the fruit to the provision to our customers of the products ready to be incorporated into their final creations.

We offer fully customised solutions, from fruit, vegetables, seeds, cereals, nuts and dried fruits, all of which can be combined to meet a demand for naturalness and cleaner labelling leading to a possible reduction of the ingredient list.


Typology of preparations:

Our aseptic production lines are specialised according to the composition of the preparation concerned:

– Preparations based solely on fruit purees and concentrated fruit juices (without pieces).

– Preparations with fruit purees and fruit pieces.

– Preparations including cereals and/or nuts (allergenic ingredients).

Each of them is equipped with a specific type of machinery in order to preserve as much as possible the characteristics of the preparation in question. From fruit preparations with pieces for yoghurts and ice creams to jam fillings for pastries.

Our raw materials, fruits, nuts and cereals, can come from conventional, sustainable or organic crops and they are also suitable for a vegan diet.

Fruit preparations in pouch:

We have a line for the production and packaging of fruit preparations in pouch format and with the capacity to include pieces of fruit in it.

Pouches are the future of versatile packaging as they are convenient, light and adaptable to a multitude of products, easy to transport and store with a great reduction in the weight and volume of the packaging. 

In addition, it has become a powerful marketing tool as it is highly customisable and attractive to consumers. On the other hand, we strive to achieve an environmentally friendly packaging using sustainable and 100% recyclable polypropylene material.

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Some of our flavours:

Applications of fruit preparations to different segments:

Packaging of our fruit preparations:

Pressurizable container 400 – 950 kg

Bag in box 20 – 1000 kg

Pouch with / without cap 100 – 1000 gr